Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hidden in Disguise

I've been wondering something lately. Having turned 22 a couple months ago, and never been in a relationship, there are many times that I have questioned why. I've looked ashamedly at my past and hidden it away, failing to mention my never-been-in-a-relationship status. I've looked to the Word in search of encouragement for my long-standing singleness. And I've blissfully eyed Matthew and Mary on Downton Abbey, hoping some day a Matthew might come into my life!

But lately, God has been pulling on my heartstrings with a few thoughts. What if my lack of a relationship has been a blessing?

What if God has protected me from heartache for a reason? What if, the entire time I've thought God had forgotten about me, He was intensely looking out for my well-being?

Maybe it's been the breakups that have surrounded me in my friends' lives lately, but I can't help but being grateful I haven't experienced regretted kisses, or stolen moments of intimacy, or intertwined lives that never break easily. I can't help but be thankful for my single status, for the fact that my heart had been safeguarded by the one above who will know when it's the time for me to share. Sometimes, it seems, God's greatest blessings are in disguise ... and I am thankful for the times when he pulls back the curtains and let's us see.

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